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Roof Inspection Reports In Melbourne

It is necessary to get a Roof Inspection Reports In Melbourne for hailstorm related damage claims or other huge weather events. A lot of homeowners consider the need for a roof report to decide if their roof has suffered damage or not. However, that should not be the only time you think about your roof’s health.

Maybe the most crucial season to have your roof inspected is the fall, before the cold of winter sets in. Also, given the freezing climate, one must get a roof inspection report for any insurance claims. Bone freezing temperatures can compromise the potency of new roof installations and repairs, like shingle replacement, because new shingles cannot seal down as expected when it is freezing outside. Also, repairs on an icy surface can be very risky.

Hence, roof repairs should mainly be performed either in the fall or spring to ensure a proper roof repair. The reason being, the solutions used for moss and lichen can require a tremendous amount of time to work, in some cases as long as 180 days.

If moss or lichens are found during roof inspection during fall, one might have a chance to take an action on it before winter. It is because the treatment can work during the winters, and the dead moss and lichens can be rinsed during spring.

Why Should You Get Roof Report For Insurance Claims?

Hiring a roofing expert for your roof reports allows you to stay away from plenty of expensive and time-consuming issues. Hiring Project Plus Services guarantees roofing experts whose advice will definitely decrease the chances of a roof anomalies permanently damaging your property and quick insurance claims settlement.

A roofing expert will pinpoint the problem areas before they get out of hand and cost you a lot of money!

A few reasons to get a roof inspection report for your home or commercial premises include:

  • Warranty Repairs
  • Routine Maintenance Repairs
  • Proper Drainage
  • Preventing Damage
  • Leak and Crack Assessment
  • Hailstorm Damage
  • Weathering and Ageing
Did You Know?

Because of the cost of roof-related catastrophes, many homeowners’ insurance policies now come with ACV (actual cash value) roof coverage. This means what you think— the amount of life your roof has left on it determines what payout you’ll receive from a roof claim.

How Often Should You Get A Roof Report?

Melbourne has a bit of a reputation for having an erratic climate pattern.

Every single year (not merely during winter), we experience extreme weather events that include hefty rains and crazy winds.

By far, most of the damage usually spins around electrical cables, trees, and obviously, roofs.

That is the reason why we would recommend getting your roof inspected  at least once a year. It is reasonable to have your roof inspected after extreme weather conditions. An expert roof inspector has a trained eye, critical to pinpoint areas of shortcomings, leaks, and other potential damage.

If you live in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland then getting in touch with Project Plus Services can help you avail the best Roof inspections and detailed roof reports within the shortest turnaround times.


, Roof Inspection Reports in Melbourne
, Roof Inspection Reports in Melbourne
Roof Inspection Report Checklist

A roofer will be searching for leaks, uncommon wear, damage caused by windblown debris, natural buildup, and issues that might have happened during shingle installation or some repairs. Eventually, gets broken into four aspects:

  • Structure
  • Materials
  • Interiors
  • Quality

Roof Reports for insurance claims, leaks and for Home purchases usually involve looking for:

  • Shingles
  • Flashing
  • Gutters
  • Vent pipe covers/ boots
  • Caulking
  • Signs of water intrusion/ mold on the inside
Who Can Perform A Roof Inspection?

It is possible to perform a roof inspection by yourself. However, we recommend appointing professional roof inspectors to do the job for you.

Getting on your roof can be a bit risky. Also, an ideal homeowner does not have the vaguest idea of what signs of damage to scan for. Your home is a monstrous investment, and it is the reason why we suggest recruiting a roof inspector to investigate your roof when it is time.

Moreover, Roof Inspections for insurance claims require important observations and findings to get you the deserved amount in order to deal with the damage. Hence, Specialist Inspection need to be availed from experienced organizations that guarantee expert roof inspectors and real time roof inspection reports.

Will A Sagging Roof Pass?

No. A sagging roof will never pass. This is because it can compromise the structural strength and poses a risk for the people living under it.

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Report Cost?

Most claims adjuster organizations tied up with insurance agencies do not charge much, some also provide free of cost roof inspections and roof reports.

Typically, Roof Reports in Melbourne cost anywhere between $200-400 and this could go up to as much as $700 if you opt for private organizations.

Armed with all these crucial facts about Roof, it is evident that timely inspections can save you much of the hassle.

Did You Know?
  • A study in 2015 shows the main anomalies detected through roof inspections are related to debris accumulation, biological colonization, and surface detrition, accounting for over 50% of anomalies.
  • Results found by a following study in 2019 also shows that the main anomalies detected were due to lack of roof maintenance and timely roof inspections resulting in the development of debris accumulation and biological growth.

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