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Plastering Services

Plastering Services Available Near You

Our team of seasoned plasterers delivers exceptional plastering services to both residential and commercial properties, ranging from small patch paint jobs up to full-scale house renovations. Whether the task requires fixing cracks, filling holes, or smoothing out uneven surfaces, we are equipped and prepared to tackle any plastering need in a timely and reliable manner. To benefit from our top-quality plastering solutions, reach out to us immediately.

Comprehensive Plastering Services

We take pride in being your go-to partner for all your plastering requirements. Our Emergency Plastering Service is a demonstration of our commitment to you. Our goal is to assist in maintaining the beauty and integrity of your home, offering a reliable support system for any urgent plastering situation you might face.


Our restoration plastering services focus on reviving historical and older buildings, blending traditional techniques with modern materials. Our skilled team meticulously restores original plasterwork, preserving its beauty and character while ensuring durability and elegance.

Small Patch / Repairs

Our repair services rejuvenate spaces with expert craftsmanship, catering to both modern and older structures. Our team applies advanced plastering techniques and materials, ensuring a smooth, high-quality finish that restores and enhances your property.

Interior Plastering

Our interior plastering services combine aesthetics with durability, ensuring smooth, long-lasting walls. Our expert team applies a variety of plastering techniques, customised to fit the unique style and needs of your space. We provide everything from seamless repairs to elegant, textured finishes, enhancing the overall look and feel of your interiors.

Exterior Plastering

Our exterior plastering services enhance both the durability and aesthetic appeal of your property. Utilising advanced techniques and premium materials, we ensure a resilient, weather-resistant finish. Skilled in meticulous application, our team delivers an exterior that not only protects but also visually enhances your building.

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How We Can Help

Project Plus is your reliable partner for plastering

For restorations, renovations, expansions, and upkeep, Project Plus provides top-tier plastering services customised to your specific needs. If you’re looking for reliable and proficient plastering services that cater to your every requirement, our team is the perfect fit. We maintain the highest standards of safety and quality for our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering the most efficient plastering services throughout Australia. With state-of-the-art tools and technology, our Australian plastering team ensures your projects are completed with precision and timeliness. Contact us today to start your plastering project.

Local Plastering Service

Local trade and suppliers

Project Plus offers a comprehensive Australia-wide plastering service, seamlessly catering to a diverse range of properties across the country. Our skilled professionals are equipped with the expertise to handle various plastering projects, from intricate heritage restorations to contemporary building finishes. Leveraging local insights and national resources, we ensure each project receives personalised attention, high-quality materials, and a commitment to excellence, making Project Plus a trusted choice for plastering services across Australia’s east coast.

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Who Choose Us

Choose Project Plus for plastering services. Our experienced plasterers use top-quality materials and innovative techniques for flawless, customised finishes. We prioritise your vision and satisfaction, delivering precision and professionalism to transform your space.

We strive to maintain a credentialed and experienced plastering team.

Prompt and professional plastering services tailor to clients requirements.

Deployment of Licensed plasterers to ensure the right experts reach our clients.

Our plastering teams are Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) compliant.