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Roof Inspections

Roof Inspection For Insurance Claims

With an established presence across Australia’s east coast, Project-Plus delivers the best roof inspection service in the market.

Whether it’s a residential premise or a commercial property, we are well-equipped with on-site inspectors that carry out careful and detailed roof inspections.

The occurrence of high-intensity weather events in recent times in Australia that can cause potential extensive damage has created an immediate need for a roof inspection to determine the exact cause of damage.

With Project-Plus, insurers, loss adjusters, and related repair organisations can easily manage insurance claims during or after the occurrence of unexpected weather events.

We have certified roofers available to assist you

Project Plus offers comprehensive roof inspection services, assessing and addressing damage from various incidents.

Our expert team carries out meticulous roof evaluations, providing detailed reports for insurers, policyholders, and homeowners. This enables effective management of risks and insurance expenditures, ensuring the integrity and safety of roofing structures.


Complete and detailed roof assessments  by experienced inspectors.

Fast Turnaround

Fast turnaround within 48 Hours for the generation of reports.

OHS Compliant

Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) Compliant Roof Inspections employing roof harness to ensure safety.

Qualified & Licensed

Licensed Plumbers employed for careful inspection.

Onsite Reporting

Comprehensive onsite reporting with a turnaround time of less than 48 hours.


Recommendation of next course of action based on findings of your roof.

, Roof Inspection

Emergency Response

Project Plus is your reliable partner for emergency response roof inspections

Our certified and experienced inspectors are ready to perform comprehensive roof inspections at your property. Whether it’s ensuring adherence to building codes, identifying potential risks, or assessing the overall condition of your roof, we provide prompt and thorough service to ensure the safety and optimal performance of your home’s roofing structure.

Trust Project Plus for detailed and reliable roof inspections, giving homeowners peace of mind and expert advice in up keeping their roofing systems.

Comprehensive Solutions

Maximise the safety and durability of your roof with our specialised inspection services, designed to ensure your roofing system is in top condition for optimal performance and longevity.

Careful assessment, preparation of reports detailing the cause of loss, and reliable estimates of potential repair costs.

Accurate licensed trade reports covering all aspects of the insurance claim prepared by licensed professionals to make the claim settlement process faster than ever!