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Drain Inspections

Drain Inspection For Insurance Claims

Blocked or leaking storm water and sewerage systems can be a real hassle, irrespective of whether they occur in a residential setup or a commercial one. At Project-Plus, we realise that drain inspections play a very important role in assessing the damage caused to a building and can help decide the repair plan for long-term maintenance and sustainability. We conduct CCTV drain camera inspections to diagnose and detect blockages and leakages within the drainage system. With certified professionals on our team, we assure you get detailed and carefully assessed causation reports that can help in easier processing of insurance claims.

We have certified plumbers available to assist you

Project Plus provides in-depth drain inspection services, evaluating and resolving issues from a range of incidents.

Our experienced team performs thorough drain assessments, supplying detailed reports for insurers, policyholders, and homeowners. This approach facilitates efficient risk management and control of insurance costs, while ensuring the proper functioning and safety of drainage systems.

Latest CCTV Technology

Cutting edge CCTV drain cameras linked to LCD Monitors that help in detecting the exact location of blockage in the sewerage system.

Jet Cleaning

High Tech equipment for jet cleaning of the blocked drainage.

OHS Compliant

Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) Compliant drain Inspections.

Qualified & Licensed

Licensed plumbers who are employed for careful inspection of the property.

Onsite Reporting

Comprehensive real-time reporting with a turnaround time of less than 48 hours.


Recommendation of next course of action based on findings of your drain.

, Drain Inspection

Emergency Response

Project Plus is your reliable partner for emergency response drain inspections

Our qualified plumbers are prepared to conduct detailed drain inspections at your property. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with plumbing codes, identifying potential blockage risks, or evaluating the overall state of your drainage system, we offer swift and comprehensive service to ensure the efficiency and proper functioning of your home’s drainage infrastructure.

Rely on Project Plus for thorough and dependable drain inspections, providing homeowners with assurance and expert guidance in maintaining their drainage systems.

Comprehensive Solutions

Maximise the efficiency and longevity of your drainage system with our specialised inspection services, designed to ensure your drains are in prime condition for optimal functioning and durability.

Careful assessment, preparation of reports detailing the cause of loss, and reliable estimates of potential repair costs.

Accurate licensed trade reports covering all aspects of the insurance claim prepared by licensed professionals to make the claim settlement process faster than ever!