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Electrical Inspections

Reliable and Cost Efficient Inspections

Project-Plus delivers the most intricate and comprehensive electrical inspection services that can help assess the damage and consequent losses caused by electrical mishaps or events. At Project-Plus, we work with a rigorously trained team of licensed electricians to carry out detailed electrical inspections of the wiring systems and equipment within a premise and submit comprehensive reports. These reports can be crucial to insurers, policyholders, loss adjusters, homeowners etc. to mitigate future risks and manage indemnity spends.

We have certified electricians available to assist you

Project Plus provides extensive electrical services, evaluating and addressing damages from mishaps.

Our skilled team conducts thorough inspections, delivering crucial reports for insurers, policyholders, and homeowners to manage risks and indemnity spends effectively.


Complete and detailed electrical inspections are conducted in the premise where the damage has occurred due to floods, electrical surges, lightning strikes, short circuits, fires etc.


The entire electrical wiring system and equipment running on it are analysed to assess the extent of loss and causation reports are created.

OHS Compliant

OHS Compliant services with all safety precautions prioritised.

Qualified & Licensed

Qualified and Licensed Electricians and Building Inspectors are employed.

Onsite Reporting

Comprehensive onsite reporting with a turnaround time of less than 48 hours.


Recommendation of next course of action based on analysis of the premise and final assessment reports.

, Electrical Inspection

Emergency Response

Project Plus is your reliable partner for emergency response electrical inspections

Our certified and experienced employees are on call to conduct thorough electrical inspections in your residence. Whether it’s checking for code compliance, identifying potential hazards, or evaluating the overall electrical system, we offer prompt and meticulous service to guarantee the safety and proper functioning of your home’s electrical infrastructure. 

Rely on Project Plus for comprehensive and dependable electrical inspections, offering homeowners assurance and expert guidance in maintaining their electrical systems.

Comprehensive Solutions

Optimise your power usage with our advanced green energy solutions that ensure your sustainable energy system operates efficiently. 

Careful assessment, preparation of reports detailing the cause of loss, and reliable estimates of potential repair costs.

Accurate licensed trade reports covering all aspects of the insurance claim prepared by licensed professionals to make the claim settlement process faster than ever!