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Emergency Make Safe

Emergency Make Safe Solutions

Emergency can happen anytime and anywhere. It is not just those who live in a busy city or a noisy environment that are at risk of having an emergency. Sometimes, it is the simplest of things that can cause an emergency to happen.

There are many possible causes to emergency at home. They can be caused by a faulty home appliance, drainage system failure, electricity default, or even natural disasters such as storm and flooding.

Therefore, it is important to keep your home safe from these potential hazards, so you don’t end up suffering from an accident yourself or having your family members suffer from one.

Project-Plus offers emergency make safe services across Australia. Equipped with trained building experts and inspection professionals, we offer the best-in-class emergency make safe services that help mitigate risks in case of major disasters and catastrophic events.

Our team of assessors reviews the various forms and causes of damage like damage due to structural impact, fire damage, storm damage, electrical and plumbing problems, tree removals, etc.

If you have an Emergency and need an Emergency Make Safe Service call us today. We will be there in a Jiffy.

Pre-risk Analysis and Make Safe Solutions

Project Plus provides extensive emergency make safe services, promptly addressing and rectifying damage from various emergencies.

Our skilled team conducts thorough make safe assessments, delivering comprehensive reports for insurers, policyholders, and homeowners. This ensures efficient management of risks and insurance costs, while guaranteeing the immediate safety and security of the affected structures.

Clear Assessment

A clear assessment of accident sites or affected areas for the application of suitable make services.

Quick Assistance

Emergency Make safe services with site attendance within 4 hours of an insurance event.

OHS Compliant

Our make safe services are Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) compliant.

Qualified & Licensed

Deployment of Licensed Specialist Trade network to ensure the right experts and services can reach the right situation in time.

Real-time Reporting

Comprehensive real-time reporting with a turnaround time of less than 48 hours.


Recommendation of next course of action based on analysis of the premise and final assessment reports.

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24/7 Response

Project Plus is your reliable partner for emergency response, 24/7 make safe services

Our dedicated team offers 24/7 make safe services, ensuring that we’re available every day of the week, at any hour. No matter the size or complexity of the emergency, you can rely on us for immediate assistance. We pride ourselves on our quick response times and our ability to provide efficient, effective solutions to secure your property and mitigate any further damage. Whether it’s a late-night call or an early morning emergency, our experts are always ready to respond, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Fast and Professional Trade Services

Local certified tradesmen and suppliers

Experience fast and expert trade services in Australia with our certified local tradesmen and suppliers. Specialising in a range of fields including electrical work and plumbing, our professionals deliver top-quality, efficient solutions. They are well-versed in the latest techniques and safety standards, ensuring reliable and tailored services for every need. By choosing our local experts, you get quick, personalised service while supporting the Australian economy.

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Comprehensive Solutions

We are proud to be a reliable ally for all your insurance repair requirements. Our Emergency Make Safe service stands as a testament to our dedication to your needs. Our goal is to assist in safeguarding your home and your family, ensuring that in times of need, you have a dependable support system to rely on.

Careful assessment, on-site surveys, preparation of reports detailing the cause of loss, and reliable estimates of potential repair costs.

Accurate licensed trade reports covering all aspects of the insurance claim prepared by licensed professionals to make the claim settlement process faster than ever!