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Restoration Services

Water Extraction & Mitigation

Water damage resulting from an escape of liquid, or an accident could fast become a cause for worry and frustration about the extent of damage caused. The certified restoration and water damage mitigation team at Project-Plus helps assess the extent of damage, remove excess water, and minimise the losses, bringing your property back to its pre-water damage state or better.

, Restoration Services
, Restoration Services

Structural Drying

A flooded room due to roof leaks or an overflowing toilet, might seem like it is restricted to floors and walls, but often it can damage carpet padding, insulation and other places in your home or business. At Project-Plus, our professional structural drying services help address the problem quickly and reduce the chance of any lasting damage to your property.

Mould Inspection & Remediation

Mould growth in your residential or commercial property could significantly affect the indoor air quality and could soon become a significant health hazard. Our licensed mould inspection and remediation experts assess the extent of mould growth and suggest remediation measures to ensure complete restoration of healthy air quality.

, Restoration Services
, Restoration Services

Trade Excellence

Our dedicated team offers 24/7 make safe services, ensuring that we’re available every day of the week, at any hour. No matter the size or complexity of the emergency, you can rely on us for immediate assistance. We pride ourselves on our quick response times and our ability to provide efficient, effective solutions to secure your property and mitigate any further damage. Whether it’s a late-night call or an early morning emergency, our experts are always ready to respond, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

, Restoration Services

Comprehensive Restorations

Boasting decades of expertise, our technicians have encountered nearly every conceivable scenario. We guarantee that all our professionals are industry-certified and rigorously trained in accordance with the IICRC’s exacting standards.

Our 24/7 Emergency Response team is always ready to provide immediate restoration services, ensuring that help is available at any hour for urgent situations. This round-the-clock availability guarantees swift action to mitigate damage and begin the restoration process, offering peace of mind in times of crisis.

We utilise Commercial Quality Equipment in our operations, ensuring superior performance and reliability in tackling even the most demanding tasks. This advanced equipment allows us to deliver efficient and effective solutions, meeting the high standards of commercial and industrial needs.

Our services are designed to be cost-effective, offering affordable solutions without compromising on quality or efficiency. We prioritise delivering value to our clients, ensuring that you receive the best possible service at a competitive price.