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Roof Inspection In Melbourne : All You Need To Know About Them

Weather events are unexpected and so is damage to property due to them. Roof Inspections are the first most essential actions to be taken following hail storms or other such damaging weather incidences. Project-Plus extends Roof Inspection services that help smoothen the claims process and provide specialist reports that will surely be useful for assessment of the extent of damage and scope of repair as well as for further maintenance of the roof in the future.

What is a Roof Inspection?

roof inspection is process where a licensed and certified roofer checking your residential or commercial property and leading an extensive visual assessment of your roof, searching for any signs of water penetration, leaks, or damage within the structure.

Roof Inspection are conducted by roof experts that survey every part of the roof and prepare reports based on their findings. Roof Inspections are conducted usually for the following purposes:

  • Insurance Claims
  • Hail storm damage
  • Home renovations
  • Detection of Leaks and molds
  • Before Home purchase
  • Installation of Solar Panels

What Does Roof Inspection Include?

Roof Inspection in melbourne are conducted to find damage or faults in the roof structure and connected plumbing. Regular Roof inspections can help avoid or resolve early issues that include leaks and cracks, rusted plumbing, leaking pipes, molds and mildew, compromised stability of the roof beams etc.

, Roof Inspection in Melbourne

Roof Inspection for Leaks and Cracks

Noticed the patches of water on the ceiling? Well, this is definitely a sign to book a roof inspection for leaks right away!

A leaking roof is often an indication of a significant issue and can lead to a number of complexities such as:

  • Mildew and Mould Growth.
  • Decay in your Rafters.
  • Water Damage to Insulation.
  • Damage to the Ceiling and Walls.
  • Electrical Issues.

Now you know, even a tiny roof leak/ crack could prompt severe issues, in case it is not tended to on time.

Comprehensive Roof inspections for leaks can identify possible sources of roof leaks and help avail roof repairs to fix the issue before it gets really bad.

This not only improves the life of your roof but also safeguards your home or property from severe damage.

Get detailed Roof Inspections in Melbourne by opting for Roof Inspection services from Project-Plus that guarantee a turnaround time of less than 24 hours.

Did You Know?

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, roofs that are not properly maintained will last approximately half of their anticipated normal service life.

, Roof Inspection in Melbourne

Roof Inspection for Home Damage by Insects & Pests

We would say roofs are a common spot to let vagrants into your home!

The roof acts as a shelter providing layers of insulation and protection that keep us safe from the effects of weather changes and other creatures that thrive in our vicinity.

And as a result, we often find surprising visitors camping out on our roof. A few of the most common unwanted guests include:

  • Possums
  • Honey bees
  • Rodents
  • Snakes
  • Birds

If you notice an unwanted critter in your premises, the main thing you need to do is call animal control and get a Roof inspection for cracks or openings right away.

Roof Inspections in Melbourne are easy to avail as there are a number of organizations providing diverse Roof Inspection and related services.

Did You Know?

The benchmark life for multi-ply bituminous low-slope roofs is 20 to 30 years and approximately 15 to 25 years for most single-ply roofs.

, Roof Inspection in Melbourne

Roof Inspections for Home Purchase or Renovations

Gutters and Plumbing systems play a very crucial role maintaining the structural integrity of your house. Hence, it is important to keep these in check to maintain the house in a good condition.

Furthermore, since the gutters and pipes in the roof are exposed to a lot of water, fallen leaves, and other debris, they are the most in danger of getting clogged or suffering from rust and damage.

A poor plumbing system can prompt mildew and mold growth if water is allowed to amass on your roof because of a blocked or broken gutter. It might also cause water damage in a few cases.

While deciding on a home renovation, one of the first things to be done is conducting a complete inspection of the house to understand its condition. Roof Inspection for home purchase or renovation, involves comprehensive inspection to ascertain the scope of repair that might be needed.

During a roof inspection for home purchase, your roofer checks the state of your gutters and plumbing. It helps you with identifying blockages before any considerable damage or other roofing issues might occur because of worn gutters.

Roof Inspections in Melbourne prior to Home purchases or renovations can be availed by getting in touch with organizations that conduct comprehensive roof inspections and provide detailed review enlisting the extent of damage and steps to be taken for long term maintenance.

Did You Know?

A 2019 Cost v/s Value showed that some roof replacements can boost resale value by up to 68% of the replacement cost.

What are Roof Inspection Specialist Reports?

Information describing the state of the roof and connected structures and scope of maintenance or repair actions that may be required. Information in this part includes subtleties for the homeowner’s insurance agency and claims (if appropriate) and about the actual roof.

It also includes the details of the roof’s age, manufacturer, information about the incline and height, roof type, and current condition.

This will also include a replacement estimate for the whole roof, regardless of whether or not replacement is on the horizon of work included also clarify the specific expenses for repair too; if the roofing inspector finds any damage then their finding is conveyed through written documentation, grid-like outlines, and pictures.

Having understood the many benefits of roof inspection, the next obvious thought that crosses our minds is- “Where can I avail Roof Inspections near me??” The answer to this is simple! Get connected with organizations such as Project- Plus and benefit from their comprehensive Roof Inspection services.

What Happens During Roof Inspection?

During a roof inspection, a roofer will follow a very specific and point-by-point guide to ensure that they provide you with a detailed and professional outline of your roof.

They will start with a complete visual check from the ground. They take care of the inspection thoroughly – beginning from the ground and taking a walk around the property, conducting a complete visual inspection from beneath.

Your roofer will take a note of the drainage pattern, look for worn-out surfaces, and start taking notes of the angled and level surfaces that involve your roof.

After this they take the ladder to reach onto your roof to see whether materials are ruined or moisture is beginning to attack your roof.

Your roofer will be searching for roofing nails that are not entirely sunk, making the entrance points in the shingle. They are also searching for shingles with visible wear, sagging roof deck, dark spots, and material debasement – this can appear as curling, rankling, or clasping.

Your inspector will be especially cautious around entrances like fireplaces and roof vents and investigate your drains to check for shingle granules.

After the roof inspection is done, you will get a detailed roof inspection report about the state of your roof and what fixes, if any, are essential to keep it in good shape.

Project-Plus is your go-to Roof Inspection services provider in Melbourne and extends innovative roof inspections using the technology of drones.


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