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Leak Inspections

Leak Inspection For Insurance Claims

At Project Plus, we recognise the prevalence of Escape of Liquid (EOL) incidents, which are among the most common insurance claims in Australia. Given our expertise in the insurance industry, it is imperative that we address the issue of leaks and the potential damage they cause. Utilising advanced technology and equipment such as thermal imaging and moisture meters, we provide trusted non-invasive leakage detection and thorough leakage inspections in probable areas within a premise, including balconies, shower areas, and blocked or burst pipes.

Our services deliver comprehensive reports detailing leaks and plumbing faults to expedite insurance claims. The significance of regular leak inspections lies in their ability to detect and address potential issues before they become serious and expensive problems. Regular inspections can also assist in the early detection of water damage, helping to prevent further damage to your property. In essence, investing in regular leak inspections can save you money in the long run by avoiding costly insurance claims and repair bills.

We have certified plumbers available to assist you

Project Plus delivers specialised leak inspection services, focusing on identifying and resolving leaks from diverse sources.

Our proficient team conducts in-depth leak assessments, generating comprehensive reports for insurers, policyholders, and homeowners. This service facilitates efficient risk management and insurance cost control while safeguarding the structural integrity and security of properties against water damage.


Careful and comprehensive leak inspection of leakage-prone areas.

Thermal Imaging

Use of Thermal Imaging to detect leakages within building pipeline systems.

Moisture Readings

Employment of moisture meter readings to detect moisture on finished surfaces.

Qualified & Licensed

Licensed Plumbers, Building Inspectors and Assessors are employed

Onsite Reporting

Comprehensive onsite reporting with a turnaround time of less than 48 hours.


Recommendation of next course of action based on analysis of the premise and final assessment reports.

, Leak Inspection

Emergency Response

Project Plus is your reliable partner for emergency response leak inspections

Inspections at your property. Whether ensuring adherence to building standards, identifying potential sources of leaks, or assessing the overall condition of your plumbing or roofing system, we provide prompt and thorough service to maintain the integrity and optimal functioning of your home, safeguarding against water damage.

Trust in Project Plus for meticulous and reliable leak detection and inspections, giving homeowners confidence and expert advice in the effective upkeep of their plumbing and roofing systems.

Comprehensive Solutions

Enhance the protection and longevity of your property with our specialised leak inspection services, crafted to ensure your plumbing installation is thoroughly evaluated for leak prevention, delivering optimal performance and extended lifespan.

Careful assessment, preparation of reports detailing the cause of loss, and reliable estimates of potential repair costs.

Accurate licensed trade reports covering all aspects of the insurance claim prepared by licensed professionals to make the claim settlement process faster than ever!