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  • Water leaking through the roof?
  • Water affecting the functioning of electricals?
  • Storm damage or leaning tree compromising the structural integrity of your property?
  • Roof damage after a thunderstorm that could lead to a collapse?

These are unforeseen events waiting to happen and cause possible damage to life and property. Such situations call for Emergency Make Safe services. Emergency Make Safe services mean a number of safety procedures and precautions put into action in order to avert an accident or disaster.  

Unlike other inspection services, Emergency Make Safe services are available round the clock and help reduce property damage, enhance safety and reduce the overall risk and damage.

Project Plus Services provides Emergency Make Safe services in Melbourne and are committed to providing a 24/7 response for all events and customer needs. Upon receiving a call from a client asking for emergency make safe services a set of procedures are put in place by visiting the location, triaging the response suitably, assessing the risks and coordinating the relevant professionals to attend to the situation as quickly as possible.

Once approached, our professionals help put the suitable make safe services in place thereby ensuring the safety and reducing the risk and possible damage significantly.

Make Safe Emergency Precautions in Melbourne

  • Roof tarping
  • Securing of damaged windows and doors
  • Re-instatement of essential services (water, electricity & gas)
  • Electrical isolation and testing of circuits
  • Plumbing isolation
  • Temporary fencing of potentially hazardous areas
  • Structural intervention after building impact
  • Securing of collapsed ceilings
  • Tree Removal
  • Asbestos containment and removal

Emergency Make Safe Services in Melbourne

Emergency Make Safe are procedures conducted by licensed electricians to ensure safety, mitigate risks and reduce or avoid damage after accidents or natural disasters

During most emergency make safe services, the following steps are followed to ensure complete safety of the area after the disaster or incident:

  • Make-safe work to secure premises
  • Roof tarpaulin/damage protection
  • Tree felling or removal
  • Urgent repair or installation of building essentials (such as windows or locks)
  • Temporary fencing and warning signage
  • Whatever it takes to protect assets and make the building/area safe.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Emergency Tree Removal is one of the most common Emergency make safe services in Melbourne over the years. Emergency Tree Removal helps make safe the affected area and to remove tree limbs or entire vulnerable trees from the site of the disaster to contain or reduce the risk of further damage.

, Emergency Make Safe Melbourne

Did You Know?

According to arboriculture.org.au, 273 deaths are recorded and still counting due to tree-related fatal injuries in Australia.

Emergency Make Safe Inspection

Emergency Make safe inspections are important because quick response to emergencies will reduce the risk to you and further damage to your property greatly. Make Safe Inspection services work at a quick response rate as soon as they are informed of a make safe emergency that needs attention. Disasters have an unpredictable timeline; thus, companies like Project Plus Services provide Emergency Make Safe Services in Melbourne 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

When a storm damages property, local resources not always be able to handle the entire situation on their own. We respond rapidly with a team to secure the premises to avoid additional damage or future vandalism.

The goal of our team is to assess the damage, restore order and reduce stress caused to the people nearby as quickly as possible. The property is secured off until complete repairs are made and all safety restrictions can be lifted in order to ensure the risk of any further damage is minimized.

Rigorous safety procedures are in place to protect those living anywhere near the damaged site. Calling off-hours plumbers or electricians may not be cost-effective, but the make safe services team takes care of water leaks and exposed wiring along with urgent repair to windows or locks caused due to vandalism or theft.

Emergency Make Safe Inspectors
, Emergency Make Safe Melbourne

Emergency Make Safe services are provided by professional Make Safe Inspectors who have a complete understanding of the importance of clear communication and timely repairs.

The following are the issues they look into: 

  • Tarping and repairing of damaged roofs
  • Re-Glazing / Boarding up broken or vandalized windows
  • Reinstating essential services
  • Installation of temporary structures like fences or roofs
  • Tree and related debris removal
  • Salvage of contents of importance
  • Water extraction
  • Structural drying
Emergency Make Safe Report

Once the Emergency make safe inspection is completed, a comprehensive specialist Emergency Make Safe report is generated which includes:

  • Before & after photos of the incident site, extent of damage observed and all Make Safe arrangements put in place.
  • A complete breakdown of all costs associated with labor and materials used.
  • List of Make Safe procedures conducted to ensure the safety of the area and contain damage.

When is Emergency Make Safe service required?

Emergency Make Safe inspections and services are required every time a calamity strikes, so that a stressful scene can be converted into a safe and calm environment. One you place a call to the company offering Emergency Make Safe Services in Melbourne or any other part of Australia- They assemble a team of trained and certified individuals, arrive on the affected site, and work until they ensure complete safety of the area. Some of the problems addressed include:

  • Fallen trees – Tree felling services are conducted to remove the trees from roofs, driveways, or cars.
  • Broken locks and hardware- Locks, doors and other hardware are replaced to secure areas after thefts.
  • Roof Damage or Fence Damage- Damage is contained by installing temporary fencing and scaffolding on roofs to ensure there is no further risk or damage.
  • Storm, Water or Fire Damage- Any kind of damage caused by natural events like storms or after acts of vandalism is dealt by make safe inspectors and professionals with the main aim to restore safety and reduce damage.

How much does Emergency Make Safe Service cost?

A professional Make Safe Service in Melbourne usually costs anywhere between $175 and $1000, depending on the area of work and the number of professionals required for the job.

If you are looking for Emergency make safe services near you or make safe services in Melbourne, then Project Plus is just the right solution for you. We provide Emergency Make Safe Service that is available 24/7, 365 days a year that promise specialized repair and restoration services round the clock.

Our Emergency Make Safe Services promise:

  • Make Safe service provided across Melbourne with the quickest response rates!
  • Immediately accessible experienced, emergency professionals to handle the job
  • Efficiently managed make safe procedures to ensure risk has been minimized and safety has been restored.

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