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Having a blocked sewerage system can be a nightmare whether you are a home owner or business owner. Moreover, getting the right payout for the drain problem claims is often a very tricky situation and many a times ends up in less than feasible outcomes. Understanding drain inspection in Melbourne can help people prioritize regular drain checks, sewerage problems etc. to avoid long term damage.

Drain Inspections in Melbourne

Drain inspection in Melbourne is an important set of services provided by a wide range of organizations. Drain inspections may be conducted for a number of reasons such as after storm damage or to assess damage pertaining to an insurance claim or while making the decision for home or building purchase. Drain inspections in Melbourne for insurance claims after storm damage or other incidents can be a crucial part of getting settlements. On the other hand, Drain inspections for home purchase are critical for good decision making and future maintenance of the premises. If you are thinking-

Where will I find good drainage inspection services near me?
How do I get a drain inspection in Melbourne?
Where do I avail the services of drain inspectors in Melbourne?
Then we have got all the answers to your questions. Although drain inspection are widely available across Melbourne, Project Plus Services prides itself in being a pioneer in providing accurate drain inspection services and drain inspection report for all your needs. Providing cutting edge technology such as CCTV drain inspections with drain inspection cameras, Project Plus is definitely the drain inspection service provider in Melbourne you should opt for!

Did You Know?

Plumbing practitioners have been fined a record amount during the past year for failing to provide drainage inspections.
The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) issued 257 infringement notices, a total of $127,472 during the 2020-21 financial year, up from 252 infringement notices and $124,992 in penalties during the 2019-20 financial year.

What is a Drain Inspection in Melbourne?

A drain inspection in Melbourne is a comprehensive process of assessing drainage systems to ensure smooth wastewater drainage from pipeline to sewage systems. Performing a drain inspection in Melbourne is aimed at preventing drainage problems such as pipe cracks, corrosions, frost, and major clogs including tree roots, toilet paper build-up, and food waste.

What are the main causes of drain blockages in Melbourne?

, Drain inspection in Melbourne

Monitoring drainage systems and maintaining them in good condition can save your business premises or home from incurring severe damage due to sullage, unfiltered chemicals, drain leaks, and odor-inducing problems. Hence to mitigate the risks due to drainage blockages it is important to know the following major causes of drain blockage:
• Sanitary wastes
• Industrial wastes
• Plant Matter
• Liquid Wastes
• Food Wastes

Why should I get a Drain Inspection in Melbourne?

Drain inspection in Melbourne are important to aid in preventing potential risks such as leaks, floods, and other public health and safety issues. Proper and regular conduct of drain inspections can:
• Detect early problems to eliminate expensive repairs;
• Prevent the hassle of slow water drainage and waste clogs;
• Mitigate the risk of damaged pipelines and drainages systems;
• Increase and promote environmental safety.

Drain Inspection Checklist in Melbourne

, Drain inspection in Melbourne

Drain Inspection Checklist in Melbourne are usually a good idea to make sure you have covered all aspects of a situation. A drainage inspection checklist is an important tool that is used by the drainage inspector, licensed plumber or engineer to spot and inspect drain problems so as to maintain a good working drainage system. This list is also a vital document that helps in creating an accurate specialist drain inspection report inclusive of all the details of the incident and the damage observed. The checklist contains the following points:
• General information such as location of pipe, area affected, pipe length, size, ownership etc.
• Observed details of the nature of the incident and consequence or damage incurred due to it
• Photo evidence with detailed notes attached to explain observations
• Notes or Documentation of the action and outcome of work
• Recommendation of corrective actions for immediate rectification
• General recommendations for overall maintenance and future precautions
• Digital signature of the inspector on the report as a sign off and validation of the inspection

What is a Drain Inspection Report?

A drainage inspection report aids drainage inspectors or engineers to evaluate and document the status of the drainage systems. It is used to indicate damages, possible causes of blockage and recommended means to mitigate the risk.
There are four possible ways in which drainage inspection reports can prove to be effective tools for further action:
1. Clear and concise drain inspection report
Drainage inspection report need to contain all the information included in a clear and concise manner to be effectively used by engineers and drainage repair specialists for best outcomes.

2. Highlights the issues of concern
The specialist drain inspection report can be a useful tools only when they are precise and highlight the issues of immediate concern with clarity so that action is taken and further damage can be contained.

3. Inclusive of accurate corrective actions
Drainage inspection report that indicate the suitable plan of action to deal with the damage observed can prove to be highly effective irrespective if they are drainage inspections for insurance, home purchase or building assessment.

4. Indicates the frequency of drain inspections
A drain inspection report that indicates the recommended frequency of drain inspections can prove to be a boon especially in the case of drain inspection for home purchase.


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