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Expert Plastering Services on The Gold Coast

Our experienced plastering team provides outstanding services for both residential and commercial properties, covering everything from minor patch paint repairs to complete house renovations. Whether you need cracks repaired, holes filled, or surfaces smoothed, we are fully equipped and ready to handle any plastering project promptly and reliably. Contact us today to take advantage of our premium plastering solutions.

Comprehensive Plastering Services

We are proud to be your trusted partner for all your plastering needs. Our Plastering Services reflect our dedication to you. Our aim is to help preserve the beauty and integrity of your home, providing dependable support for any urgent plastering issues you may encounter.


Our restoration plastering services are dedicated to reviving both historical buildings and modern homes. By blending traditional techniques with contemporary materials, our skilled team meticulously restores original plasterwork, preserving its beauty and character while ensuring durability and elegance.

Small Patch / Repairs

Our repair services bring new life to spaces with expert craftsmanship, whether they’re modern or older structures. Our team utilises advanced plastering techniques and materials to ensure a smooth, high-quality finish that both restores and enhances your property.

Interior Plastering

Our interior plastering services seamlessly blend visual appeal with durability, ensuring your walls are smooth and long-lasting. Our expert team uses various plastering methods, customised to match the unique style and needs of your space. We offer everything from flawless repairs to elegant, textured finishes, elevating the overall look and feel of your interior

Exterior Plastering

Our exterior plastering services improve both the durability and visual appeal of your property. Using advanced techniques and high-quality materials, we provide a resilient, weather-resistant finish. Our skilled team ensures meticulous application, delivering an exterior that offers protection while also enhancing the overall look of your building.

Who We Work With

Strata / Body

Project Plus provides a full range of plastering services designed to meet the specific needs of property managers, body corporates, and real estate firms. Our solutions are comprehensive and customised to address the unique challenges these clients face.

Building Managers

Simplify your maintenance tasks with Project Plus. Our efficient plastering services are designed to uphold the highest standards while minimising any inconvenience to tenants. We ensure your buildings always look their best, providing a seamless and professional finish that enhances the overall appearance and value of your properties.


Boost the attractiveness of your rental properties with Project Plus. Our efficient and detail-oriented plastering services preserve property value and draw in quality tenants, providing landlords with confidence and reassurance.

Home Owners

Revitalise your home with Project Plus. Our professional plastering services improve interior aesthetics and safeguard exterior surfaces, delivering customised solutions that surpass expectations and maintain your property’s value.

, Gold Coast Plastering Services

How We Can Help

Project Plus is your reliable partner for plastering

For restorations, renovations, expansions, and maintenance, Project Plus offers premier plastering services tailored to your unique needs. If you require dependable and skilled plastering solutions that address all your requirements, our team is the ideal choice. We uphold the highest safety and quality standards for our clients. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering the most efficient plastering services across Australia. Utilising cutting-edge tools and technology, our Australian plastering team guarantees your projects are finished with accuracy and promptness. Reach out to us today to begin your plastering project.

Local Plastering Service

Local trade and suppliers

Project Plus provides extensive plastering services throughout Australia, adeptly serving a wide variety of properties nationwide. Our experienced professionals possess the skills to manage all types of plastering projects, from detailed heritage restorations to modern building finishes. By combining local knowledge with national resources, we ensure each project receives customised care, premium materials, and a dedication to excellence. This makes Project Plus a reliable option for plastering services along Australia’s east coast.

, Gold Coast Plastering Services
, Gold Coast Plastering Services

Proudly Serving The Gold Coast and Surrounding Areas

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With a deep understanding of the local area and a dedication to excellence, Project Plus is the trusted choice for plastering needs on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Who Choose Us

Opt for Project Plus for all your plastering needs. Our seasoned professionals employ high-grade materials and cutting-edge methods to achieve perfect, tailored finishes. We focus on realising your vision and ensuring your satisfaction, providing meticulous craftsmanship and expertise to revitalise your space.

We strive to maintain a credentialed and experienced plastering team.

Prompt and professional plastering services tailor to clients requirements.

Deployment of Licensed plasterers to ensure the right experts reach our clients.

Our plastering teams are Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) compliant.