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Comprehensive Causation Reports

We simplify the claims assessment process

Project-Plus leverages extensive experience in insurance claims assessment and estimation, providing a distinct advantage in managing substantial workloads efficiently. Our proficiency allows us to deliver precise assessment reports within 48 hours of site inspection. Recognising the criticality of adhering to KPI time constraints and obtaining accurate claim information, we prioritise thorough inspections, ensuring that our estimates and causation reports are meticulously prepared. This commitment ensures the swiftest and fairest claim settlements for both the insured and the insurer.

Our Range of Services

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Roof Inspection

Inspectors and drone pilots executing manual and drone roof inspections to mitigate risks of weather damage.

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Leak Inspection

Non-invasive leak detection services that help reveal areas of water leakage responsible for property damage.

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Electrical Inspection

Electrical Inspections that provide a complete assessment of the wiring and electrical systems of your property.

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Drain Inspection

Non-invasive drain camera inspections to detect sewerage system blockage and malfunctions in the plumbing.

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Insurance Assessments

The Project Plus team perform comprehensive onsite insurance claims assessments for QLD, NSW and VIC.

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Emergency Make Safe

Specialised Emergency Make Safe services by experts, tailored to any residential site in the periphery of a disaster.

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Restoration Services

Experienced restoration services, with our professional team of trades, we bring back your property to former condition or better in no time.

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On-Site Estimations

Generating the most comprehensive and accurate reports

Project-Plus offers clear and detailed claim evaluation and estimation services, where we conduct on-site assessments. Our clients can schedule a meeting at their convenience, and we will provide them with a report within 48 hours of our site visit. Our onsite estimates offer transparency and accuracy, streamlining the claims process.

Save Time

With our specialist, estimates and causation reports delivered in less than 48 hours, you can save big on time by partnering with us.

Fair Assessments

We provide cost-effective services that guarantee a fair and reasonable cost outcome for both the insurer and the insured.

Go Stress-Free

We carefully analyse and assess all aspects of the insurance claims to deliver comprehensive reports so that you are completely stress-free.


We have a strong Australian presence in the insurance industry and are recognised as a trusted solution for assessments and repair recommendations.