The Insurance Situation

$170B Australian Construction Industry

$42B Residential and Small Commercial Construction

$4.2B Insurance Industry Work

$840M Insurance Leakage

PPS Pie Graph

The construction industry in Australia accounts for over 10% of GDP and is worth $170B


Residential and small commercial alterations, general repairs and renovations account for approximately 25% of construction industry turnover at $42B


Insurance claims represent approximately 10% of this spend at $4.2B


The insurance industry estimates that between 20-25% of this $4.2B can be considered as 'leakage'.


This industry 'leakage' is thought to be as high as $840m.


Leakage is mainly due to inadequate understanding of insurers liability, scope creep and accuracy of professional scope production.

Our Objective

The intention is to create a framework for how repair work is identified, scoped and quantified in order to ensure adherence to a risk carrier's claims philosophy, construction method and legislation process.

The net result will be to improve consistency when building a scope of work and help reduce the amount of variation requests whilst consistently aligning with Insurance Code of Practice

Consistency and transparency when producing a scope of work will ensure the policy holder is treated in a fair and unbiased manner making sure they derive correct benefit of cover as provided for under their policy.

Our Strategy

Through Our

  • Personalised service
  • Brand reputation
  • Insurance expertise
  • Scoping independence
  • Fast turnaround of estimates

Drive Value By

  • 'Once and done' processing
  • Minimised leakage
  • Consistency and accuracy
  • Quality control processes
  • Independently researched pricing

Partnering With
Our Clients To

  • Remove friction and complexity
  • Provide transparency
  • Reduce claim cycle times
  • Deliver fast and accurate reporting
  • Improve the insured party's claim experience

Our Capability

Project Plus Services

Robust enterprise solution:

Used extensively around the globe.

Project Plus Services

Collaborative, adaptable multi-platform system:

With offline capability.

Project Plus Services

Comprehensive multi-tier reporting:

Managing service level agreements real-time.

Project Plus Services

Independently researched, measured and monitored schedule of rates:

Benchmarked and regularly updated.

Project Plus Services

Industry best-practice scoping model:

Comprehensive sketch tools, report builder, audit and automated pricing functions.

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